Your Treatment Options for Dry Mouth

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You’ve probably been thirsty and have dealt with a dry mouth before. Feeling thirsty isn’t a major issue, but would you be surprised to hear that having a dry mouth regularly might cause a number of problems? Dry mouth is actually a condition you might have if you aren’t producing as much saliva as you should.

While this might not seem like a serious problem, would you be surprised to hear that saliva actually plays an important role in keeping your smile clean? Saliva actually carries plaque and food particles away from your teeth and helps your teeth strengthen.

Sadly, dry mouth night result from several issues, such as medications, nerve damage, diseases, and some treatments. There are also factors you should know about, including a dry tongue, sores in your mouth, and an unusual, sticky feeling. Your dentist could give you personalized advice to help you treat these issues. We also suggest calling us if you’re worried about dry mouth. Doing so is important because dry mouth can leave you more vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay.

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