Your New Dental Crown Needs to Be Maintained by Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

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A dental crown restoration performed at My Fresno Family Dentist’s dental office is designed to fully replace the tooth enamel layer of a tooth that has been compromised by a cavity, dental attrition, or dental fracture.

While these materials will not be susceptible to the effects of acid erosion and tooth decay, the dental crown will still need to play an integral role in your daily oral hygiene routine.

If hardened tartar starts to build up at the base of the dental crown near the gumline it could affect your periodontal health. As time goes on chronic periodontal disease could cause your gums to pull back from the base of your teeth creating small pockets of infection near the root of the abutment that anchors your dental crown.

This could also allow bacteria direct access to the seam where your crown is dental cemented to the abutment. This could eventually cause it to come loose.

Severe periodontal disease can eventually cause a loss of bone structure in your jaw. This could cause the core of the tooth to come loose or result in the abutment breaking off inside the gumline.

Dr. Claudia J. Trujillo recommends brushing your crown twice and flossing it at least once each day just like your natural teeth. When you are flossing be sure to work the strand into the gumline to clear away any stray food material and plaque before it can harden into tartar.

If you are in the Fresno, California area and you have questions or oral hygiene concerns associated with your dental crown you can call 559-432-2975 to consult with a staff member at Dr. Claudia J. Trujillo’s dental office.