The Early Stages of Dental Attrition Might Be Treated by a Dental Filling

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An uncorrected underbite, overbite or other deviations in the alignment of your teeth can sometimes cause the biting surface of one tooth to wear excessively on the surface of another. Over time the repetitive force this can gradually grind down the tooth’s enamel layer creating an abnormal surface texture on the tooth.

Early signs of a problem with dental attrition might include a change in the surface texture of the tooth as well as worsening sensitivity and general discomfort when biting down. Left untreated the compromised tooth could suffer from a severe case of tooth decay or a significant dental fracture.

If you have noticed anything abnormal with one of your teeth, you should have it examined ad treated by a dentist like Dr. Claudia J. Trujillo to prevent further complications. In some of these cases she might be able to address the affected area by installing a simple dental filling.

The treatment process calls for her to carefully remove a small amount of the tooth enamel surrounding the compromised area. This will serve to prepare sufficient texture to secure the dental filling material. It will then be hardened by a special ultraviolet light to ensure a strong bond with the surrounding healthy tooth enamel.

If necessary, our dentist might also recommend additional treatments to minimize the unhealthy relationship between the two affected teeth.

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