Partial Dentures Can Replace an Area of Tooth Loss

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If you receive an oral injury such as an accidental blow to the face, it may pack enough force to knock a tooth loose from the periodontal ligaments that were keeping the tooth anchored in your mouth. Activities such as contact sports without the use of a proper mouth guard can put you at risk of tooth loss. In the event of the loss of one or more teeth, you may quality for a partial denture to repair your smile.

If possible, Dr. Claudia J. Trujillo and our team will do all we can to save the tooth, including performing a root canal treatment. However, severe dental trauma cases that cause the teeth and sockets to be significantly compromised may require our dentist to extract any remains of the tooth and provide recommendations for tooth replacement.

If you feel that receiving a dental implant or dental bridge is not right for you, you may find that a partial denture provides the ideal replication of the function and appearance of the original tooth. A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that is designed to look and function like natural teeth. It is constructed as a pink base that looks similar to natural gum tissues, with custom artificial teeth set into the base. Some partial dentures even include some hardware that attaches the appliance to the adjacent teeth.

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