Oral Health Outlines: Mouth Jewelry

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In order to keep your smile safe for as long as possible, you should take additional some time to use prevention treatment plans and assess any issues in your life that may be putting you at an additional risk. One potential source of trouble for your teeth is mouth jewelry

One of the key oral health risks associated with mouth jewelry is the dental damage that can immediately occur once it is in place. When you place tongue rings in your mouth, they can cause nerve damage and ruptured blood vessels. This can occur when the piercing is done incorrectly. Nerve damage can be permanent. Oral jewelry is made of hard plastic products or metal materials that can easily chip and crack teeth. Furthermore, mouth jewelry can even lead to infectious diseases such as endocarditis and hepatitis. Oral piercings can cause several choking hazards as well. If you have a hypersensitivity to metals, you may have an allergic reaction to mouth jewelry. You and your dentist may have difficulties cleaning around mouth jewelry when it is in place.

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