Information About Root Canals

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Are your teeth in need of root canal therapy? Root canal therapy is often used for teeth that have been injured or worn down to the point that the root of a tooth is exposed, often due to damage to the tooth enamel. When this occurs, bacteria can damage the pulp within a tooth, resulting in infections and eventual tooth loss.

If your tooth enamel becomes compromised it can put your overall oral health at risk. Cavities work by eroding away enamel until a hole is left, and if the pulp becomes infected, then the best course of action to save the tooth may be a root canal.

If a tooth is injured from an accident or injury the tooth enamel can crack or holes may form that are too small to spot. However, the bacteria can enter the tooth and attack the pulp.

If you have had various dental treatments to a tooth, the tooth enamel may be so worn down that it the tooth is compromised. If the pulp becomes infected, a root canal may be needed.

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