Important Oral Hygiene Requirements for Your New Crown

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Daily brushing and flossing is fundamental for maintaining long-term oral health. This is just as important for your new crown, which can still be threatened by the natural bacteria in your mouth. Do not be remiss about your daily oral care.

The dentists at My Fresno Family Dentist’s Fresno, California clinic encourage brushing your crown twice a day and flossing each night, just as you would all of your teeth. This will remove plaque and food residue, before they can harden into bacterial-rich calculus, which could promote gum disease.

Introducing bacteria and gum disease may weaken the cement holding it in place or loosen it. This could cause several different undue complications. Any damage caused by a loose crown could damage the abutment, and a root canal would be needed to repair the damage.

Left untreated, severe gum disease could cause loss of bone structure anchoring the abutments to your jaw. While the crown might remain intact for a while, the weakened root could compromise the strength of the tooth, or even cause it to fracture at the gum line.

Routine cleaning and checkups at our Fresno, California clinic will effectively remove any lingering tartar, which is essential for maintaining your crown. Regular appointments allow us to monitor the health of your gums as well as the integrity of the crown. Catching a problem early improves your treatment options.

If you have questions or concerns about how to clean and maintain your new crown, you can always call 559-432-2975 to speak to a member of staff at My Fresno Family Dentist’s here in our California dental clinic. We will be happy to assist you in your dental care needs!