How Can Tongue Scrapers Benefit Me?

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If you want to have a top-notch oral health and pristine breath, then you need to remember to clean your tongue regularly. While many include a tongue cleaning after they brush their teeth, many use tongue scrapers. Tongue scrapers are handy tools that can benefit you and your smile in a myriad of ways. To help you know more, Dr. Claudia J. Trujillo and our dental team are happy to share some tongue scraper facts.

Tongue scrapers are known to help halitosis, which is also known as bad breath. This is because bacteria unite on your tongue and create a smell. A tongue scraper can remove the bacteria and freshen the breath.

Tongue scrapers can give your food more flavor. This is possible because mucus and other substances gather on your tongue and block the taste buds. This can make it hard to taste food. Using the scraper can remove the mucus and expose your taste buds.

Tongue scrapers can also help boost your overall and oral health. This is possible because washing away the bacteria on your tongue regularly can prevent your body from absorbing the toxins. It can also eliminate the bacteria before they have time to attack the teeth. Scraping the tongue can help you boost your overall immune function as well as prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and plaque buildup.

Using a tongue scraper in Fresno, California, can help you have a healthy mouth and body and can also help you have a fresh and pristine oral health. If you have any questions or if you would like to know which scraping tool to use to clean your tongue, please call My Fresno Family Dentist at your earliest convenience. We are happy to help you!