All About the Dental Issues Swimming Can Cause

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Did you know your smile can be negatively affected while you swim in a chlorinated pool? Well, it’s true. In fact, there are several swimming situations that could end in harm to your smile. These are the various problems that may occur from swimming in a pool:

Swimmer’s calculus: If your teeth are exposed to chlorinated water for a long amount of time, you could suffer from swimmer’s calculus. This occurs when the chlorine deposits residue on your teeth, which can turn the teeth yellow or even brown. This problem can occur if you are in chlorinated water for over six hours in a week.

Tooth sensitivity: If a pool is improperly chlorinated, there is a chance it could result in sensitive teeth. The chlorine can wear away your tooth enamel and make your teeth brittle and sensitive.

Mouth injuries: As you may already know, running by the swimming pool can make you slip and fall. Oftentimes, you can bang your mouth on the concrete and cause major dental injuries. So, please don’t run by the pool. Also, if you play high-contact sports in the water, like water polo or water volleyball, the ball or another hard object can hit your mouth and cause teeth and jaw injuries. It’s best to wear a mouthguard while you play.

Lost dental appliances: If you wear dental appliances, like dentures or a retainer, consider taking them out of your mouth before you get into the swimming pool. If you forget, there is a chance you could lose them while you’re swimming. In addition, the chlorine can damage plastic appliances.

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